day 366: resolution

day 366: a few words of thanks

Phew! 365 days of birds—give or take a few... 

So, you ask...What have I learned from this year-long project? Well...mainly, that if you put a beak and feet on something, it can look like a duck, talk like a duck, and well, most people will think it's a duck. 

I've also learned that you can make up words, LOTS of words. How about creating a six-syllable name for your blog that most people (including yourself) can't pronounce for six months, only to have it then roll off tongues blissfully like an oratorio? English is very forgiving that way. And while we're at it, let's give a shout out to NYC, ornithologists, epic weather patterns, puns, pundits, and other such groaner-producing subject matter found throughout 2010.

I've learned that you can beat a subject to death without alienating your friends and family, and you might even make a few new friends along the way. I'd especially like to thank the followers and subscribers of Ornithoblogical, and my friends and family, who throughout the year have been cheering and occasionally cajoling me to the finish line. Without you I probably would have abandoned this idea a few weeks in. 

About that finish line...This is not by any means the end of Ornithoblogical. Only the daily aspect of the blog concludes today. More bird imagery certainly is to come; there are many more ideas itching to get out. In the meantime, you can still go to the site ( and peruse the archives. If all goes well, these images will soon find a new home online in a more user-friendly searchable format, and (fingers crossed) a book of some kind that will find it's way to your analog coffee table. If you can't wait that long, prints are now available at my etsy shop.

And one last note: you did not misread the calendar. 2010 was not a leap year, despite my total number of birds, thus far. On January 1, 2010, I miscalculated while in the throes of my ornithozealotry. Hey! There might be a bird there...

Until further featherings and with warmest wishes,

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